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Difference between non-original and original apple lightning cables

Difference between non-original and original apple lightning cables

I believe most users will find that the original apple data cable has a service life of 3 to 8 months when using the original apple data cable. When the data cable is damaged and needs to be replaced, if you choose to buy the original data cable from Apple, then you will find that the minimum price of the official data cable is 149 yuan. At this time, I believe that most users should give up the idea of purchasing original lightning cables. Because if the quality of the original data cable is directly proportional to the price, then the price is understandable, but we all know that the life of apple lightning cables is short, so how do we choose if we want to buy lightning cables that are not officially sold by Apple?

  First of all, we need to be clear about what harms the use of non-original apple lightning cables will bring to mobile phone charging:

  1. Non-original data cable cannot guarantee whether it can provide stable current and voltage for Apple mobile phone, so long-term use of non-original data cable will reduce the battery life.

  2. When using a data cable to transmit data to a mobile phone, a non-original data cable cannot guarantee the security of data transmission.

  3. Non-original lightning cables are prone to mismatch with the equipment and cannot be charged during charging.

  After reading the dangers of charging with a non-original data cable, do you think that it seems that we have no choice but to use the original data cable? In fact, a few years ago, there was a kind of "MFI" certification data on the market. line. First of all, let's find out what MFI is. MFI is a certification mark given by Apple to its authorized accessory manufacturers. The pass rate of this certification is only 2%. After using MFI-certified accessories, if it produces electronic products, If it is damaged, it can also be repaired free of charge during the warranty period. The use of non-certified equipment or accessories that causes electronic products to malfunction is not covered by the warranty.

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  After understanding MFI, let's take a look at the differences between MFI-certified lightning cables and non-original lightning cables:

  Price: The price of MFI-certified lightning cables is higher than ordinary non-original lightning cables, but lower than the original lightning cables officially sold by Apple. The price is about 35 to 80 yuan.

  Built-in chip: The MFI-certified data cable uses chip-level certification, that is, the data cable must have a chip designated by Apple, and the chip must also be purchased from a distributor designated by Apple. The non-original data cable does not need to pass any certification. It only needs a built-in chip to ensure that the user can be charged in a high probability.

  Manufacturers: Manufacturers of MFI-certified lightning cables must pass Apple's assessment, such as factory area and number of factory employees, all of which must meet certain standards. Non-original data cable manufacturers are not bound in any way, as long as they can finally produce lightning cables.

  Through the above comparisons, we can conclude that the MFI-certified data cable has no difference in the use of the original apple data cable, so if you think that the original apple data cable is not cost-effective, then you can use MFI-certified data. line.

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