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Safety standard requirements for power adapters

Safety standard requirements for power adapters

The power adapter is a small portable electronic device and a power conversion device for electronic appliances. Generally, the power adapter is composed of components such as a shell, a transformer, an inductor, a capacitor, a control IC, and a PCB board. So what requirements does the power adapter require for safety standards? Let ’s take a look together.

  The safety standard is based on guaranteeing the safety of users' life and property, and has strict regulations on the insulation of raw materials and flame retardancy of power adapters and electronic and electrical products. Products that meet safety specifications not only require that the products themselves meet safety standards, Manufacturers are also required to have a complete safety production and quality assurance system. Safety certification mainly includes four requirements of creepage distance, electrical strength, leakage current and temperature.

  Electrical strength: refers to the fact that when the zero voltage is increased to 1500V AC or 2200V DC between AC input lines or between the AC input and the case, it does not breakdown or pull an arc.

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  Temperature: The safety standards have strict requirements for electronic appliances, and require materials to be flame retardant. The internal temperature rise of the switching power supply should not exceed 65 ° C.

  Leakage current: Connect an ammeter in series between the live or neutral line of the power supply and accessible metal through an isolation transformer. The leakage current of the switching power supply should not exceed 3.5mA under the 260V AC input.

  Creepage distance: refers to the shortest distance between two conductive parts or between conductive parts and the device interface measured along the insulation surface. Emphasis on creepage distance is to prevent fire between devices or between devices and ground to threaten personal safety.

  The above is an introduction to the safety standard requirements for power adapters. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the safety standard requirements for power adapters.

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